Ranch Mayo, Gouda Cheese, Potato Chips & Red Onion



Our Restaurants.

We are located in central Oslo at Youngstorget, Grünerløkka, Frogner and Munch Brygge. Each place unique and full of characteristics. Enjoy your local burger joint!



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Munch Brygge

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Youngs, Løkka & Frogner

Our climate.

We climate compensate for 110 % of our food CO2 emissions by supporting recognized and certified carbon offset projects through Klimato. You don't have to do anything, we calculate the emissions and take care of the rest!

Now it's even easier to eat plant-based food at Munchies. The beef patty can be changed to the new and tasty Naturli' Burger, which is 100 % plant-based and made out of sustainable soy proteins, vegetables and coconut fat.  Produced and made in Norway.

Our meat.

We use 100% Norwegian high-quality ground beef. After the patty is placed onto the griddle, we use a heavy metal press to smash the meat to achieve the optimal cooking surface. As a result, the fat melts and percolates through the small holes in the burger and forces the juices to go upward. This technique provides the perfect Munchies meat texture and flavour!

Our bread.

The burger bread is handcrafted, baked from scratch locally and arrive fresh at each restaurant in the morning. Soft, fluffy, yet sturdy,  topped with sesame seeds. The bread is then slightly toasted to get that crunchy and golden brown finish. Just like it should be!

Our cheese.

We use the highest quality Norwegian cheddar from TINE®, where fresh milk from farms in Trøndelag is carefully refined by skilled cheesemakers. Years of passion and experience has resulted in a delicious  golden cheddar. Creamy, with a light nutty back-note and perfect melting properties. Because, what is a burger without its cheese?!

Our dip & dressings.

Known for our homemade aioli and variety of flavoured mayo's, we focus on fresh ingredients when we make our own dressings. Find your favourite, whether you want to dip your fries or make the burger even more tasty!


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